Tuesday, 16 February 2016

10+1 Reasons Why Freelancers Needs A Blog

As a freelancer the best ideal marketing technique you can employ to gain more clients and sales is to learn and know how to sell both yourself, skill and services, and how  to sell yourself best is first to see yourself beyond a ordinary gig seller to a global service rendering company, to the pessimistic that's too far of a dream to dare imagine but to the optimistic like you that's the ideal thing.

I know many freelancers are very much okay and doing quite well on their various services rendering platforms without a blog but that's not a enough reason to limiting yourself only to that, if you know that you are worth more than where you are or earning right now then you can even achieve more than you believe and planned for.

I'm also aware of the fact that a blog is a responsibility but It's type, is a responsibility of asset that speaks for you and show your work in a brighter light.

As a freelancer ready to take your business to the next level in 2016 one of the best tool you need to hit your target amount is a blog because that's the best ideal step you will take and see changes in your business beyond your own expectations and in this article I just want to show you 10 reasons why you need to have a blog as a freelancer.

1. A Blog Helps You To Promote Yourself

When you promote Yourself you are promoting your business and creating an environment that absorb sales beyond control and I believe that's what every freelancer wants. Owning a blog gives you a significant advantage to sell yourself directly to your prospects customers even before they ever have the opportunity to meet you in reality.

In your blog you are in charge of everything. The web design, the content, the structure of your website; it all represents you and shows your abilities in these fields. With a blog you can easily cross promote your order products and and services when you insert your blog url as a signature in your messages and emails and this sends a message to your customers of how professional and technical advance you are.

2. Opportunity To Sell Other Products and Services

With a blog your limitations are only in your imagination, contrary to a freelance website you are limited to a certain number and type of service you can render but with a blog it is just as many as you can cope with.

As a freelancers you are making money by rendering a service where as when you start a blog you can package your skill and expertise into a info product and sell for more profit for everlasting once it is created you can sell as many times as you want .

Your website might also have premium content for a small membership fee. There are countless additional ready-made virtual products you can create and offer via your blog. This will increase your income speedily since you can set it up and go back to face your services while you keep earning more money behind even while you are asleep.

3. Through A Blog You Can Build A Portfolio

A Portfolio gives you a clear identity that makes you standout amist competition and also create confidence in your prospects customer to purchase your services because they have seen a sample of what you can do.

It builds trust and ease patronage. through A blog you can create a professional portfolio that describe your business and show your existing work. You can as well create a gallery of your best images, writings and video or audio files and skip less successful ones. You can choose what and what you want to display on your blog there by creating confidence and showing you as an authority in your niche.

4. Blog Creates and Increases Credibility

The best way to prove to your client that you are experienced enough and the right person for that freelance job is to show how credible and trustworthy you are by giving out a URL of your blog that leads to samples of your past work and maybe feedback from your past clients. A Blogs helps you achieve this perfectly.

Having a skill or being an expertise in your field is not enough to win big and more client that will help you hit it big. Credibility is one thing majority of people find easy to trust and invest in.

5. Blog Bring Customers To You

The key thing that fuel the engine of your freelance lifestyle is ability to gain targeted customers and client that really have core interest in what you have to offer.When you optimize your blog post for search result, targeted customers that mean business are what you get, it becomes much very easy for them to locate you online. Another easy way Blogs bring customers to you is through guest blogging on other freelance blogs, 

A freelance writer might be interested in co-operating with a freelance web designer, for example. Word-of-mouth is another huge benefit which can be enhanced by having a blog Often clients that liked your services will recommend your blog to their friends. And the best part is that this is on global scale. You will eventually meet people from all over the world.

6. Blogs Are Long Time Investment

As a freelancer who thinks ahead you should have known that, at one point or the other of your freelance career there will be a need to step down so that you can forge ahead beyond freelancing, before then it will be a wise decision to have an investment, something to fall back on, an investment that gives a clue about the future and save you a lot of stress then.

Once a Blog is setup and It's being updated once in a while with content that are optimized you can be rest assured of profit even in years after it as being set up. 

7. Blogs Exist Middle Man

The aim of people who creates freelancing websites is to gain maximum profit by leveraging on your skills, hard work, sleepless night and urge to make money, they won't tell you this but those commissions are enriching them more than you, the more you work and make money on their platform the more they do nothing and make more money off commission on you.

With a blogs all profits are direct to you and you alone, and then the only money you will have to spend is few dollars yearly on domain name and web hosting and this worth it if I may say

8. A Blog Provides Social Proof

Proof is an important marketing concept that will save you a lot of headaches and brings in constant and real customers, on your blog, people can comments and get engage in interaction with you and this send a message to your prospects client that you are good to go for all of their project and that's why when you finally setup a blog It's is important to have a social media accounts connected to it, aside providing proofs this also will boost traffic and visibility.
9. It Increases Your Success Rate Speedily

Research have shown it that freelancers with blogs has 5X time big job and long lasting client than those who don't have. Meaning start your Success rate will be increasing more as far you keep your blog in existence.

Having a well maintained, interesting blog will raise your status in the marketplace. As you become more popular and well known, potential clients will expect to pay more for your services.

10. A Blogs Tells Clients You Can Maintain A Schedule

As a freelancers you should know that deadlines and reliability are part of the business, this alone can bring in more client, keep them, make them always coming back for more and as well recommending you to their friends and colleagues while you make more money.

If a client go through your blog he should be able to notice this act in you through your past works and other clients testimony your blog will shows clearly that you can maintain a regular schedule. It also shows that you have experience and staying power.

11. Blogging Is Fun and Easy

It is a mis conception that blogging is a hard of it, this is mostly said by frustrated people who just find themselves around this type of business not because they know how it works but because they heard that it is possible to earn money blogging.

Though just like any other business bloggging as it own challenges and bad side but I can say they are just like any other business that can be maintained and easily overcome.

Final Note

There are many more reasons why you should operate a blog as a freelancer but I think these 10+1 are the most important for now, and if you need my help in setting up a blog either a professional blogger or WordPress blog  with content for a start, you can always contact me and be rest assured of a strategic professional, business orientated work.

Phone Number: 09094181707
Email: bizben45@gmail.com

Are there any other ways that you’ve used a blog to launch or build your freelance writing career? Leave your comments below this post.  
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Monday, 1 February 2016

7 Commandment Of Money That Will Make You Rich

Money- we all want it, but few of us are willing to sacrifice to get it. Those that have it generally don’t understand it, and those that don’t have it come up with excuses why they cant get it. If it sounds confusing-It is.

After much studies and researches of Forbes top 10 richest men in the world, I came out with 7 principles in the words “commandment” of which these men followed to arrive at the top. Their wealth, according to them were based on these commandment.

Remember principles or commandments are simple guide lines that are set as rules most times, and if followed, obeyed and practice no matter who you are is capable of producing positive result for you as far as you work by it.

Here are the 7 commandment of money to your road to wealth.

1. Thou Shall Pursue Your Dream:

When you are staying in your dreams and working by it chances are that you will be more successful than people working randomly and profusely because after your dream is your reality, working outside your dream is a effort that produces another man wealth.

Barak Obama is a wealthy man. Bruce Springsteen is a man whose life’s work about social justice and his net worth is estimated at over $200 million. Jack Dorsey, the founder of twitter, which is credited with advancing all manner of social movements, is estimated to be worth close to a billion dollars. Each of these people have made a huge different and a huge amount of money. All by staying true to their dreams.

2. Thou Must Be Financially Literate:

There is no free lunch in life. For you to be wealthy, you must be financially literate. People generally work very hard for their money but then squander it by making bad financial decisions. You must learn respect for the money you make and one of the best ways to do this is by using an “envelope system” for a few months.

This “envelope system” is easy. Simply cash your pay check and put all the money into different envelop for rent/mortgage, car, food, utilities, entertainment, etc. then go ahead and begin living your life. What the envelope system will show you where you are squandering your money and help you focus on the areas of financial distress so that you can cure the problem.

The rule is there is no borrowing from one envelope to cover a shortfall in another, when the envelope is empty then you are out of luck until next month…so make sure you balance your spending habit and budget.

3. Thou Shall Save Your Earning:

“A part of all earn is yours to keep, and if you cannot save money, the seed of greatness is not in you”.-Clement Stone.

Resolve today that you are going to save at least 10% of your income throughout your working life. This means that anyone, even a person earning minimum wage, if he or she starts early enough and saves long enough, can become a millionaire over the course of his or her working lifetime.

Developing the lifelong habit of saving money is not easy. You have to set it as a goal, write it down, make a plan and work on it all the time. Practice frugality in all things. Be careful with every penny. Question every expenditure. A major reason that people retire poor is because of impulse buying. They see something they like and they buy it with very little thought. Remember Parkinson’s law, “expenses rise to meet income”.

Start by saving 10% of your income and maybe even 15% or 25% and live comfortably with the balance. This process has worked for everyone who has ever tried it. Try it and see for yourself.

4. Thou Shall Live A Healthy Lifestyle:

It is a popular slogan, “health is wealth”. Having money doesn’t make all your relationships flow smoothly. It doesn’t protect you from diseases- it may buy you better medical care after the event but it does not protect you. You must live a healthy life. What is money if you can’t enjoy it in a healthy way?

You can make lots of money, you can enjoy your job, and you can sleep well at night. If you are starting to lose sleep or have stopped enjoying it, then you need to have a talk with yourself.

5. Thou Shall Commit To Lifelong Learning :

“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field”-- Dennis Waitley

You have more brains, ability, and intelligence than you could ever use if you were to work on developing yourself for the rest of your life. You are smarter than you can even imagine. Leaders are learners. Continuous learning is the key to the 21st century. Make a decision today that you are going to become a student of your craft.

There are three keys to lifelong learning according to the one of Americas motivational speaker and writer, Brain Tracy.

The first key is to read on your field for at least 30 to 60 minutes each day. Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body. Reading for an hour each day will translate into about one book per week. One book per week will translate into 52 books per year.

The second key is to listen to audio programs in your car as you drive from place to place. Turn your car into a learning machine, into a university on wheels. Never let your car be running without an educational program playing.

The third key is to attend every course and seminar you can possibly find that can help you to become a better person in your field.

6. Thou Shall Love What You Do:

“When you start doing what you really love to do, you will never work another day in your life”—Brian Tracy.

Doing what you really love to do is one of the greatest secrets of financial success. Self-made millionaires are those who have found a field where their natural strengths and abilities are exactly what is required to do the job and achieved the result required.

Here is a question for you: if you won a million dollars tomorrow, would you continue to do what you are currently doing? Self made millionaire would continue doing what they are doing. They would only do it differently or better or at a higher level. Because they love what they are doing.

7. Thou Shall Not Live By Bread Alone:

What is bread in this context? “your salary” you must not depend solely on your salary. Robert Kiyosaki once said, the definition of wealth is, “someone who can survive five years outside his/her salary. That means for someone to brag that he/she is wealthy, he/she should be able to live four-five years aside salary. And how can that be possible? It is by acquiring assets. What is asset?

Asset is anything that put money in your pocket e.g. shares, monetize blog, investment portfolio, your personal business etc. The rich work so hard to acquire assets that is the reason they are rich. So that they can enjoy their life even after retirement.

I want to challenge you to make it a commitment to acquire at least one asset every year. So that you won’t depend on the government or your company for your retirement benefit. “The poor work for money while the rich make money work for them”—Robert kiyosaki.
This can only be achieved when you have acquired enough assets in life.

Final Note

As I explained to you earlier in the article, these commandments can make you rich not minding you status, what it mind is your obedience to it, either you are poor now or rich you can still become rich or richer following and obeying these simple commandments.

What's Your thought on this? Drop your contributions and take the lesson further through the comment box below. Also educate a friend by sharing this post on any of your social media network
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Thursday, 21 January 2016

How To Earn Extra Income (Side Hustle) While Working Full Time

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

One of the key to grow from been broke to been extremely wealthy is to have alternate extra stream of income aside your major occupation, of a truth there's nothing more interesting as to be self employed but with the clash economic of this country I will say quitting your job now without any forehand plan to starting a business in Nigeria can be risky but what if you could still continue that work and yet make extra Income for yourself? That will be wonderful right?

This is very important, Many soon-to-be self-employed must learn to side hustle This means pursuing a part-time venture while still employed full-time. It can be a struggle for some, but here are a few tips on how to side hustle while working full-time.

That's what I want to show you in this post.

Learn Time Management:

Time management is one of the best kept secret of the rich, normally if you understand simple law of entrepreneurship you will know that time equals money, every time wasted is money wasted, you don't have to spend time because time spent can never be regain, as a full time worker your spare time is that opportunity you need to make extra income, this means if you want to earn Extra Income or side husle while Working full time then you will have to sacrifice that weekend time you use for flexing with your friends and carry girls around, much responsibility now on your part which end result is much more money.

Identity Your Skill And It Processes

As a full time worker it definitely won't be easy to side husle and earn extra income while still working but same time it can be much easy if only you choose to husle in respect to your line of skill. 
What you are already good at doing becomes much easy to do for you in your little or spare time, let say you are good in giving people advise, counselling and encouragement then it won't take you much time to run a consultancy program during the week for client because this is what you are already equipped to do. 

Talking about processes take some time to write down your business processes. When a lead comes in, what are the necessary steps to close the deal? If you are creating something to be sold, outline the exact procedure from start to finish. Are there tools to help you deliver your gig easily without spending much time? Are there already made templates that can hastily help you carry out every tasks that you need to carry out, find them and learn to use them.

Ways You Can Earn Extra Income While Working Full Time.

With the help of the internet and technology there are so many work-from-home opportunities that are perfect for side hustling. While you may still have deadlines, completing the work is a lot more flexible than say taking on a customer service gig that requires working certain hours or certain days of the week.

Virtual Assistant:

You can be a virtual assistant from home, helping companies and organizations complete some tasks online, like been a social media manager or a website moderator or author.

There are many opportunities in this line as long as you are ready to be completely open with your clients about your full-time status.

This go a long way to help you maintain a good integrity And long lasting business relationship that will earn you extra money, let your client know about your full time work so they won't expect more than you can deliver as a side husler.

Refer People For Company That Need Leads And Customers.

One of the easy husle and work you can do online to earn extra income while still working full time is to work as a referrer or affiliate for some online businesses that needs your service, while working as an affiliate you will earn some commission for the number of customers and leads you are able to refer, this you can do as well during weekend and late @ night if you have develop a marketing strategy to do this, it becomes more easy.

In nigeria there are a lot of ecommerce store that runs affiliate program and many other online businesses that also want leads and customer, a simple Google search can reveal a lot of them.

Freelance Writing

With a simple understanding of english you can begin writing articles online while you get paid, you don't need any degree to do this, you can earn extra income with this while still working full time, with a good grammar and research skill you can come up with great articles you can sell online.

There are a lot of article writing material and software all over the internet that can help you be more productive with this work. you can offer your service on freelance websites such as freelance.com odesk.com and fiverr.com


One of the easy way you can make extra money or side husle while still working full time is to start a blog, there are many part time bloggers in nigeria that are doing very well, though blogging requires time and commitment especially at the starting level but if you can set it up and master the act it can earn you more income without you even quitting your full time job.

Choose a niche that you are passionate about and easy to get people's attention, set up a blog around this niche ans deliver quality content while you monetize and earn some extra income.

If you follow the tips giving in this article, more chances are that you can create multiple streams of income while still working full time.
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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Free Download: Blogging Cash System

Some days ago, I was checking and scrolling through my E-shelf, then suddenly I saw a ebook I read 3years ago that taught me almost everything I need to know about blogging in one sitting.

"Blogging Cash System" is the ebook every blogger needs to read to kick start their ass of the drain, after going through that ebook again same day I thought for a while it will be of help if I give this ebook out for free to other bloggers friends and newbies finding it difficult to start and grow a blog so I posted on a popular blogging facebook group Bloggers Helping Bloggers and the number of guys showing interest for the ebook was so overwhelming that I couldn't send them all the ebook again one after the other, so I decided to upload the ebook on the net and give you guys a free download link.

Table Of Content In Blogging Cash System Includes

Choosing a Topic...................................................................
Niche Research.......................................................................
Keyword Research..................................................................
Setting Up Your Blog...............................................................
Remote Hosted Blogs vs. Self Hosted Blogs...................
Getting a Domain Name and Hosting...........................
Installing Wordpress...............................................................
Optimizing Wordpress............................................................
Creating Great Content........................................................
Using PLR Content...................................................................
Adding Videos...........................................................................
Monetizing Your Blog...............................................................
Affiliate Links............................................................................
Your Own Products...................................................................
List Building................................................................................

Traffic Generation Strategies............................................
Blog Commenting...............................................................
Submitting To Directories.....................................................
Submitting RSS Feeds & Pinging..........................................
Social Bookmarking.............................................................
Article Marketing.................................................................
Video Marketing..................................................................
Web 2.0 Sites.......................................................................
Social Media Sites..............................................................

Download Link Below............

Click Here To Download Blogging Cash System

This one of my little ways of helping my friends.

You can actually tell me thank you just by sharing this post with your friends and follower on Facebook, Twitter and the rest
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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Simple Secret To Wealth: How A Life Coach Can Double Your Income This Year.

The easiest way to go from dream to reality is to leverage on the success of the successful one, It is a fact that is been said "if one is on the shoulder of someone who has done several time what you are struggling to do, definitely you are bound to see, do and achieve far more easy than what they had see, done or achieved.

Even in the mist of this messed up economy you can still fly like a dove because In every shift of the economy — down or up — there are winners and losers, Even in the Great Depression, people came out new millionaires. Today will be no different.

The simple secret is to find a Life or success coach who's ready to take your success as his own,remember the last time you attended a training program, seminar or other motivational event and left feeling energized and ready to truly take your business to the next level?

What happened a few days later?
Chances are, the same old habits started to creep back into your life almost immediately. That focused energy you felt just a few days earlier dwindled to a mere spark.

We’ve all experienced that kind of letdown. But what if there was a way to keep that energy level constantly high – so high, in fact, that you couldn’t help but move forward? That’s exactly what a life coach can do for your career. I’ve seen it time and time again. From the time I was 15 and I decided to start a business of my own, when I knew nothing about the business world, how I became an expert in my field just after following few successful men blueprint. 

I’ve found that even people who are initially reluctant to try a life coach change their attitude once they experience just one initial coaching session.

The right life coach can literally help you double your income this year. Here’s how to choose a life coach that will have the most impact on your career: 

Choose Your coach and not your coach choosing you.

You..... not your coach should always be the focus, you are the one that knows what you want from life, you have to be aware that you will be totally impacted of every knowledge and characteristics your coach possesses, A good life coach never takes a one-size-fits-all approach. I’ve seen firsthand that what works for one client might be a totally inappropriate approach for another. If you get the feeling that your life coach isn’t tailoring the experience for YOU, maybe it’s time to move on. 

A life coach must take the time to learn your values and your life’s purpose. 

No two people will have the same combination of beliefs and goals. It’s your life coach’s responsibility to learn both, and to bring you back on track if you stray from either one.

The best life coaches are never afraid to tell you the truth. It does you no good if your life coach is simply a cheerleader. True, that’s part of it. But for a life coach to truly have the kind of impact that’s going to double your income, he or she has to also be willing to honestly discuss those areas of your life or career that need improvement.

How To Profit From A Life Coach.

Copy his strategies.
Chances are that what worked for your life coach will work for you If you can try copying his strategy, how do know what works for your life coach? Get close to him, do a comprehensive study on his business if you don't do this, you could easily end up copying one of his failed strategies.

Maintain A Positive attitude.
This can go a long way to create amazing opportunities for you which is the easiest way to get wealthy, I’m sure you’ve heard it before: your chances of success are higher when you focus on creating opportunities and exploring every opportunity that comes by making them count. A positive attitude under a positive coach is one key that opens success door and double ones income.

Be a fast follower.
A fast follower is one who see beyond someone's idea and take a bold step to customize such idea which later become something different and new where as It's just same idea as It's original but just a bit customize.

Been a fast follower is a good example of smart working, to really double your income and maximize profit from A life Coach you need to be a fast follower.

Final Note.

What kind of people start their own business and create millions of dollars in profits? The people that believe they can. What teams make it to the Super Bowl? The teams that believe they can make it. What kind of people have a thriving marriage threw all the ups and downs of life? The people that believe they can.

Part of believing is taking action! Take action on your dreams and goals today!

Call us today for a free 7days Online Success Coaching Program, where you will be trained and taught, how to start a business from scratch in Nigeria, How to grow your business to a level of influence, How to achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined, how to make your new year count, we will help you craft a strategies on the easy way to achieve success and many much.

Our Online Success Coaching starts in February 2016, to book a spot and make further equiries, send an email to bizben45@gmail.com Use Subject: 2016 Free Online Success Coach Program. and you will be updated on how to register and participate. It's free.
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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Success Guide: How To Make 2016 A Awesome And Fulfilling Year 

The difference between who you are in 2015 and who you will be in 2016 Is what you will do in the new year, practising the same daily tasks and taking same daily actions of last year will produce same result.

This year 2016 we believe to be our year of fulfillment and reward, this will be much easier and possible if only we do the things expected of us by God because He (God) only does miracles and not magic, so we are expected to open the floor first before we start getting his blessings.

This blog post is written in form of an advice and not really in a full article context but still very much interesting and helpful so enjoy as I discuss proven ways you can make year 2016 a awesome and fulfilling year.

Set Goals In 2016.

Many people have said this to you, you have seen a lot of articles, Facebook post and blog post addressing this same point but the fact is you are yet to set goals for the year. You need to set goals in 2016 because you will have no options than to succeed and fulfill those set Goals.

When you set goals you are setting a loud alarm that will also remind and remember you of where you ought to be, I know you have dreams you want to hit it big in year 2016 but how do you plan to do that? Don't tell me how just pick a pen and a book and write down those plans, set your goals short term and long term, set for this month of January, set for the next 6months and also set for the whole year.

Take More Of Action In 2016.

In 2016 take more of actions than planning because small deeds done is better than great deeds planned, yeap it is truth that You have written down your plans, dreams and vision for the year, the next step is to take the necessary action because It is not enough to set goals without trying as much to fulfill those goals. Good decision are pretty good but dirty useless if we refuse to take actions on them. The only ways to fulfill your dream this year is to wake up from them and start doing something.

Re-position Your Mind.

In this year 2016 If we misuse our mind, our brain and our body will suffer, I also want you to remember that where ever you mind goes that's where you brain will follow. It is very important as a matter of fact it is a serious matter, your mind controls everything you do, I want to tell you that there's no action I mean nothing you do in this world that you didn't first think about it concious or unconscious, it is possible for you to say one thing and do another but it is not possible for you to think one thing and do another because before you do another you will conceive the thought first.

So in the year 2016 it is very important we re-position our mind for a awesome and fulfilling year, positive thought should be our habit.

Start Something

This is a new year and another better opportunity to start something new, either small or big just make sure you start something, I discover that the most difficult part of it is to start and also it is the most important Part, never wait for the time when no one will find no fault in what you are doing because that time might never come, as a matter of fact such time doesn't exist and this is the problem of many people.

In the year 2016 the idea is to Start Small, Aim High and Grow Fast this is because Ability last longer than luck don't try and be lucky rather try and be able.

Don't Stop Learning

The most greatest tragedy that can happen to a man who want to succeed in life is to stop Learning, If you stop Learning you will stop growing, in this year 2016 make it as a mandate to increase your knowledge base, this is Because you are as rich as what you know, learn new things everyday, no knowledge is a waste, that word is not just been said It's truth in fact every good knowledge is a blessing.

Final Note.

In 2016 Luck is not a factor. Hope is not a strategy and failure is not an option.

If you find this article interesting, helpful or funny, drop your comment and share with friend to help them make 2016 a fulfilling and awesome year.
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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

7 Surefire Ways To Make Money Blogging In Nigeria Without Google Adsense

Blogging is one of the most profitable online business in nigeria, a business model that is done world wide, much accepted and ventured into by youths in nigeria. There are many ways To make money blogging in nigeria but there are few bloggers really making money through their blogs in nigeria.

It's definitely possible to make money Blogging with Google adsense in nigeria but I will say you can earn more real money blogging without Google adsense and the truth is you are living a lot much money on the table if you only limit yourself to google adsense as the only method you choose to monetize your blog.

From personal observation and research I have noticed that only few numbers of bloggers in nigeria are really making their desired amount of money from their blog due to reasons like, low traffic, less quality content and probably doing blogging business the Wrong way even some hard working bloggers as well still finds it difficult to earn some income from their blog and that's the reason why I went into research and I have written this well detailed blog post on solid quality information and personal experience, if you are busy or in hurry you can bookmark this article and come back at leisure time to read it.

So What Are The 7 Sure Fire Ways To Make Money Blogging In Nigeria Without Google Adsense.

Sponsor A Post
As a blogger in nigeria you only need to think out side the box to earn a living with your blog, one of such creative thinking is to leverage on the trust and loyalty of your blog readers to make money, if you have a very familiar and loyal audience that have trust you and your work over time then you can easily convince companies and businesses for a review of their products and services that will land them more transaction.

The amazing truth is that companies and businesses have discovered that prospects buyers of their products and services would easily trust a review of their product by someone who they are already familiar with and have built a long relationship with over time than any other total stranger out there, this create an opportunity for you as a blogger to earn some money with your blog.

How To Get Posts To Sponsor.

It's quite simple to get posts awaiting your sponsoring if only you can be creative enough on this given idea below.

Start from your favorite product and services to a list of them you have used this year and beyond, after using a product or service and you think It's a good one that will benefit your blog readers offer to write a review about it on your blog, convince product owners and companies on the transaction your review can create for their product and services compare to other means of advertising and marketing their products.

When writing reviews about a product it is very ideal you are honest and exact, just the way you met the product and not a guess work, this is because this will hail the trust of your readers to buy the product and more so if they eventually buy the product and found out It's another thing from what you wrote in the review or It's below expectation, this might be a bad market for you personally because your business marketing life is on the line on this stand. To later convince them to buy another product might be only be a mere day dream.

Offer A Service
As a blogger in nigeria I propose you have at least a skill or something you are gifted and very good at that people needs urgently or something not so easy to do by everyone out there and if not then you just have to learn one or two skills, this will not only make you money, but also increase your knowledge and experience plus you become authority in your niche and since it won't take you much to learn a skill I say It's ideal.

Don't limit yourself to one service you render on your blog since most readers of your blog initially needs help that's why they are on your blog in the first place (that's if your blog is very targeted) it is now left for you to look around and see what are the things they find difficult to do, gather such problems and create a service around them. If you are good at writing you can begin offering a service of writing articles, blog post, resume writing, ebooks and copywriting, even as an entertainment blogger in nigeria you can offer this service and make some money.

Other services you can render include, Blog Customization and Setup, WordPress Installation, Web Design, Logo Design, Banner and ebook cover. To make it more easy to get customers Create a creative "Hire Me Page" that is capable enough of luring prospects customers to patronize your service without thinking twice, you can offer to show samples of your previous work, this will create more confidence in your service and hasten patronizing.

One more thing on offering a service, you have to be sure of your ability on what service you are capable of offering as this is the only way to gain trust, repeat  and consistent customer plus maintaining a good reputation.

Sell Ad Space
This is another easy method of making money blogging in Nigeria, this particular method is so easy and profitable that it can make you millions of Naira blogging, as it has make many top entertainment and some tech bloggers in Nigeria, but what it require is that you must first learn the basics, have a great Alexa rank, high user engagement and an impressive number of daily visitors and page views, this is one of the reasons why as a blogger you must always work on your blog traffic and user engagement because this are key to making money with your blog in whatever way you choose to.

The fact remains "No serious business will play with advertising and marketing" and if any business happen to see something that looks like a good advertising deal that can get them their anticipated result they will surely jump at it.

To make this method works fine for you the first step is to create a "Advertise Page" on your blog and make it very appealing by including your traffic stat, alexa rank, user and social engagement, don't joke with this. 

How To Get Advertisers To Advertise On Your Blog

After creating a Cathy advertise here page on your blog the next step is to go hunt for advertisers there are many ways to go about doing this but I will only mention one in this article which is by spying and pitching advertisers directly. spy on competitors blog in your niche and see which advertisers are patronizing them, check online for free templates on how to pitch advertisers and make use of that to reach out and pitch advertisers, you could charge any amount of money from 10k, 50k or even 100k per week or per month depending on the popularity of your blog.

Offer an E-course
This is another easy method of making money blogging in nigeria, I say this method is easy because much work is not going to be on your part and you can make passive income with this method as you don't actually need to create a product from scratch.

You can sell an e-course that teaches people something related to your niche Just in the case of creating an ebook, you need to find a urgent problem and provide a solution to it. Selling an e-course is a simple way to make money with your skills,  E-courses are easy to setup and they run themselves, all you need to do is write your content and set it up once through email marketing and you can run it again and again, bringing more passive income with just a day or two works of setting it up.

you have few ideas that you think your blog readers will be happy to learn about why don't just create a e-course for it using an auto-responder like aweber or getresponse, another thing is that if you don't have your own course, you could use affiliate links in those kind of courses and sell.

Become An affiliate
As an affiliate you promote and recommend others people product for a commission this method of making money blogging in nigeria is quite easy  and very profitable because usually the commission percentage on each sale use to be encouraging, it ranges from 90% to 4% depending on the affiliate program you are promoting and you don't actually need to go through the stress of creating a product of your own, with affiliate marketing all that is required of you is to promote other peoples product while you get paid. 

There are now many affiliates program in Nigeria that pays awesomely if your blog audience is Nigeria targeted. Affiliate programs you can try in nigeria include Jumia affiliate program, Konga and Aliexpress and if It's global audience targeted then be sure of more affiliate program opportunity few of which are amazon, Clickbank market health and cj.

Sell A information Product
You can sell A e-guide through your blog such as ebooks, audio, video, software and make money by leveraging on the power of information. A lot of problems abound the internet that needs urgent solution, find out problems you believe your blog readers are facing and provide a solution to those problems by creating a e-guide around it that solve that urgent problems.

When creating a e-guide it doesn't have to be a ebook, if you are good enough and sure of your ability to stand before a camera, record in understanding tune then you can create an audio or video course they convert more sales than ebooks and are more professional options. If you can't create any e-guide you can just save yourself a headache by buying one that comes with full resale right that gives you the right to sale it as your own, but this is not always the best option because of quality and personality. Quality in the sence that you can not give much support and help to your customers concerning the products you sold to them because you don't actually get the full knowledge of how it works and personality in the snece that you want to make a name for yourself as an authority in your niche because you don't actually have your name as the author of the the product except if It's a plr (private label right) Product.

Do A Joint Venture
The last method but definitely not the least of making money blogging in nigeria is to do A joint Venture, usually this method is quite legit and still valid but the problem I have with this method is that you don't actually have all the gain to yourself because you have to share them with your joint partner.

The idea is this, if you have an audience but have no product to promote and sell, contact a blogger or internet marketer in your niche that has a product to sell, offer to help him convince your audience to buy his product on the agreement that you share the revenue or profit the products generate, and like wise vice versa if It's a useful product you have but no audience this method works fine as well.
But I must say there is more to joint venturing in order to make sure you are not running at loss do more google search to know the principles that guide it as this just the basic.

Final Note
There you have the 7 surefire ways to making money blogging in nigeria, what has been your experience trying to make money blogging in nigeria? I and my audience will be glad to learn from you, please drop them in the comment box and also remember, if you find this article interesting, funny or helpful try to share with friends on social media and beyond.
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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Start With Less Than N50,000 In Nigeria

    Top 10 Most Profitable Small Business idea You Can Start With Less Than N50,000 In Nigeria.

Starting a business in Nigeria is a nice decision compare to doing nothing financially productive, but when starting a business in nigeria the question is always "what type of business should I start? what is the startup cost? and most importantly what is the profitability energy of this business I want to venture into? That's the million dollar question most people who want to start a business in Nigeria Frequently ask themselves and people around them. if you are part of the many Nigerians that do ask these questions and more like "I have N50,000-N100,000, what type of business can I start with this amount of money in nigeria? then I'm sure this article will go along way to help and show you the top 10 most profitable business idea you can start in nigeria with less than N50,000.

In this present age starting a business from scratch with no or low capital is very achievable because of the way the world is changing so fast, the many new impressive inventories, innovations, technologies and creatively act of man has changed the way people thinks and do things most especially in the business world, because the industry has been greatly influence, at this age you can start a business in your room, backyard or even any space available around you and grow it to a big venture in respect to time and commitment, In this post, I'll be showing you some very profitable small business ideas you can start with a low start- up cost.

What are the most profitable small business ideas to start in nigeria with less than 50,000 Naira? Well, that question is quite simple and will be answered in this post, below I have listed the top Ten business ideas you can start in nigeria today with less than N50,000.

1. Web Design Business:

One of the business industry that has grown to gain solid ground in this 21th century is the internet company, this is because of the cost of starting an internet company is very relatively low compare to starting an offline firm, more to it many web designing firm both local and foreign have emerge from nowhere and make it to the top offering this simple but lucrative business service. 

The web design market is a large one because many organizations, individuals and companies have started to notice and see reasons why they should have an online presence thus it create more business opportunity for you to invest in knowledge and make money rendering Design and developing websites such as e-commerce stores, forums and blogs, install monetization programmes and manage clients scripts, hosting and database while you make a lot of cash. 

2. Laundry And Cleaning Service Business:

This is a daily need as such a big market and lucrative business opportunity especially if you are in big cities or areas where more people have less time for themselves, your service will be greatly needed, with N50,000 or less you can set up a business around this market with creativity, quality work you will build customers that are loyal and consistent in patronizing you.

Try to make a lot of connections with big business people and office workers Providing dry cleaning and laundry services, garage and pantry clean out, windows and blind washing, tile polishing and a lot of them, buy the necessary machine and equipment to make your work more easier and productive.

3. Affiliate Marketing Business:

Affiliate marketing one of the most lucrative and profitable online business you can start with low start up cost and make a lot of money in return, If you have less than 50,000 to invest on this particular business your return on investment will sure be high and impressive provided you employ the necessary strategy to Make money from diverse affiliate programmes relevant to your niche or not.

You can setup affiliate niche site around a popular niche and highly in demand product, run some ads for it promotion and make money on purchases from any affiliate product you are promoting,

4.Consultancy Business:

You definitely have a vast knowledge on one or two niches either business, career, education, sport and health. at least there's one skill you are very much good at, you can Convert your skill and knowledge into money by offering consultancy service to many people out there that needs your core advice and direction on what line of action is next in their lives. 

Set up a business around your skill and knowledge by helping people start and manage their Money, investment, health, build career and education, using your experience, consulting for fish and poultry farm start ups, plantation farming business consultant, consulting for oil and gas investing as well as career and education. 

5.Start Online Importation Business:

One of the business that as a great and promising future in nigeria is the ecommerce, this is because Nigerians are new to this way of life, we are just finding our way into this big profitable online market and I'm glad It's already booming.

With less than N50,000 or more you can start importing and Buying hot in demand products like dresses, electronics such as cheap unlocked phones, android tablets, camera, power banks and laptops from China and online auction sites like Ebay and Amazon. Sell them with nice returns, I'm quite sure you will not regret starting this business.

6.Automobile Shop:

The value of automobile in nigeria without no doubt is relatively high seeing it daily use, so is It's business market as well there's always a need for this market in nigeria with less than N50,000 you can start a business around this need, Repair mechanical, electrical and body work faults in vehicles, sales of automobile spare parts and fittings, training of automobile technicians I'm very sure you will make a lot of money doing this business as It's has a large and very profitable market here in nigeria.

7.Blogging Business:

Blogging is a very lucrative and profitable online business, the beauty of this business is the little amount of money you can invest in it start up and the high return of investment it can yield.

There are a lot of nigeria youth that have leveraged on this online business opportunity to build a name, business and fame for themselves. You can start a blog today by learning the simple technical know how and idea of how it works. Read our Full Guide on how to start a successful blog in nigeria.

8.Ice Block Making:

Leverage on electricity failure and need for frozen product in Nigeria to set up a business and make money. By Production of ice block cubes and bars for icing drinks in parties or for industrial use in low temperature preservation, sales of freezers, blast freezers and cold rooms, frozen food business. 

9. Livestock Feed Supply:

There are a lot of established poultry farming business in nigeria and more of poultry farmers in almost every area of the country, with this there will always be a constant need to feed their livestock for survival and healthy living you can Become a distributor and retail supplier of livestock feeds, poultry and fish feeds as well as supplements. Open an sales outlet close to farm aggregation and settlements, with less than 50,000 or more you can start and this is the most important aspect of it.

10. Fitness Trainer:

This business opportunity is very lucrative and profitable just as the health niche is a very important, lucrative and profitable niche in nigeria internet business market.

you can tap into the fitness and weightloss niche by been a personal trainer for people who want to stay fit and maintain weights, Open a weight loss outfit, weekend body building and exercise programs, sales of gym and exercise equipment, body building training and fitness seminar and tutorials.

Final Note
We have sincerely listed top 10 most profitable small scale business ideas you can start with less than N50,000 in nigeria, make sure to do more research on whichever business you have chosen to venture into, remember the most important part of it is to start when this is done it will become more easier to take other necessary steps to forge a head and make more progress.
What's your thought on this, we welcome your contributions, questions or other inquiries please drop them in the comment box below, we will be happy to interact with you.

Sharing is Sexy: if you find this article interesting, funny or helpful please share with your friends with the share button below.
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Monday, 30 November 2015

15 Business Ideas That Will Make You Good Money During Christmas Season

    15 Business Ideas That Will Make You Good Money During Christmas

Christmas Season is here again, a season of sweet holiday and celebration of the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. It's a time to come together and live happy with our love ones, but to a smart entrepreneur and a business orientated individual It's also a season to venture into little and easy business and make a lot of money, while other people celebrate only. 

The good news is that as an entrepreneur, you can make money off of the Christmas seasons by exploiting some of the many business opportunities that come with it. With the right mindset, you can take many of these opportunities and use them throughout the year and not just for the Christmas Season.

So without wasting much of your time in this post I will highlight 15 ways or businesses idea you can do during this season to earn enough money to celebrate well and enjoy at this time.

15 Easy Business Ideas That Will Make You Good Money During Christmas Season

1. Sell Gift Basket Packages:

During Christmas season people love to give out gift to their love ones, and not only ordinary or anything out there called gift, but something well packaged and presentable in nature, visit a grocery or food store around your area, buy various foods, fruits, and drinks and place them nicely in a basket decorated with christmas branded wrapping sheets. Sell them in market, visit offices and offer your gift Basket to interested office workers. 

2. Bake Something.

Christmas is a season of opportunities for as many business ideas you can think of, from observation people naturally like and enjoy baked goods because of the way they taste, if you are good in baking or know a friend who can then this can be a great way to make some extra money before Christmas. You can offer to do this for friends or neighbors to help save them save some time while they pay you to do it. You make money and stay happy while they get what they want and also stay happy not a bad I think.

3. Sell Children’s Toys

I'm quite sure you know that at Christmas children don't play with their Christmas toys, just has you didn't play with yours when you were kid. It's a competition thing for them which creates a market opportunity that needs to be explore for you. You can buy this toys in bulk and resell for profit but If you have the creativity and know-how, you can make the toys yourself and put them up for sale.This business is very easy to put up because children’s toys are very cheap, and they are very profitable.

4. Decorate

When it Christmas season again every one, home, businesses and organisations want to make their environment looks good and well decorated, this is a common norm in this part of the world Along the lines of the Christmas lights, you could offer decoration services for individuals or businesses. You might need to do it through a business for the latter, but if you’re able to get a few recommendations that can really help get you started. If decorating isn’t your thing, you could always offer to clean prior to the decorators coming in and make some good money.

5.Organize A Show/Concert

Nigerians fashion concert and shows a lot, they are always on a look for it, If you think you have some good musical talent, or can dance or have a crew, then here is a great opportunity to make money for yourself during this Christmas season by organizing street shows and concerts, and if you don't have any of these talents you can just be an organizer and even planner.
plan these concerts and shows and invite people to perform at your concert and shows while you get paid.

6. Render Bulksms Service

Bulksms a modern means of text messaging and reaching two or more people easily In matter of seconds in a more professional and customized way. Many companies, individuals and organizations will love and want to send Customized Season Greetings to their works, loves ones and staff to show how much they love and value them, you can help them get this done and make money.

7.Sell Online

If you know about internet marketing or you own a blog this Christmas season is a unique time to sell more of any of your product or services online by offering special discount offer on your products and services on the ground of the season, you can also make money during Christmas by selling various items as an affiliate and getting commissions from each sale.

8. Work On Fiverr.

Fiverr is an online market place where a lot of different services as well as products are been sold and render in exchange for cash, usually a fixed $5 for every service rendered but you can earn alot more than that on a service with gig extra and cross promoting, If you have some amount of time on your hands, you can offer some relatively simple work on Fiverr. If you as well have any skill like writing, graphic designing, blog setup, singing, video editing and scripting SEO and the rest you can make good amount of money rendering any of these services on fiverr.

9. Find a Virtual Blog Assistant Job –

Many bloggers will be taking some time off to spend with their families during this Christmas Season, a lot of them will be busy or working with a very tight schedule, You could help out on,blog management, content creation, social media manager while they are relaxing and make a little dough in the process.

10. Invest In Football Betting-

Many people call it gambling but when it comes to business and making good money for Christmas let's call it investment. Do you have some few bucks of money to invest before christmas while you get some cool return on investment? then check out Football Betting but before then makes sure you know how to play your games right and be wise on your decisions on the amount of money you are staking on a bet, minimize risk and maximize profit.

11. Sell Unused Items-

You have many of them everywhere at home ranging from shoes, clothes, electronics, books, furniture and little house materials, you don't actually need them anymore but There are many people out there who need those items badly and are ready to buy them from you at mind-blowing costs.  sell them to those close friends, take them to the nearest market and sell them, make sure you package them neatly and appealing, then make your money off these unused items.

12. Sell Christmas Card.

During Festive periods like christmas a lot of people find joy in sharing season greeting cards with their love ones,friends, relatives, and customers, as a way of showing how much they love and value them at Christmas, If you are a creative artist this open a door of business opportunity for you to design and sell Christmas Season Greeting Cards and make money.

13-  Sell Christmas Clothes-

At christmas both young and adult want to dress to look good and celebrate the season with nice dresses, so therefor the demand for christmas clothes is very high in almost evey area of the country and has a business orientated person the next fast step that needed to be taken is to sell these clothes to this hungry market and make money for christmas.

14. Do Seasonal Job- 

At christmas vacancies for seasonal work use to be everywhere, recreational centre, hotels and many other places may need the help of seasonal workers that only needs to work during Christmas Season alone, a lot of work that needs to be done during the period will be suitable only to a seasonal worker which gives you the chance to work and make money during this season.

15. Teach an Online Class –

I know what you are thinking now but listen to this, "The fact remains that You don’t need to be a licensed teacher, you just need to be an expert at something" then teach people in that field you are expert in and make money for yourself this Christmas season. You are certainly good at one thing.

Final Note

Here is the list, I'm quite sure you have one or two of the mentioned businesses above that you have already ventured into or already planning to venture in, which ever way you can share your thought with us using the comment box on other business idea you think is profitable and the ones you are planning to start during this Christmas Season.
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