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How To Start A Lucrative Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria

Step by step guide on how to start a lucrative poultry farming business in nigeria

One business that have prove to be a very lucrative and fast income generating business in nigeria and the world at large is the poultry farming business, though with some risk level but with a lot of profit potentials, it will interest you to know that the poultry farmers we currently have in Nigeria are not enough to meet the hungry market demand and probably may not going to be enough even in the next decay! This is because poultry farming is a business opportunity that solve a urgent need and can earn an entrepreneur high return on investment within a short period of time if probably run and monitored.

Poultry an exceptionally viable and lucrative business you can run on small scale, one of the factors that make poultry business ideal business is because chickens grows very fast Unlike other domestic animals that takes lot of years to mature, a chicken can be ready for the market within 28 weeks from birth. That is one of the reason why it is considered ideal.

On the down side of the business, Truth be told It can be a dangerous business all of a sudden, particularly when you are not well equipped and when running a poultry administration that's not healthy.

This detailed article would give you a knowledge on the best way to begin the business, how you can develop it effectively, and turn it into a money spinning venture.

Poultry farm birds require vitality. If your end goal is to be very successful running poultry business then you must be ready to acquire the necessary development tool for your poultry farm, you need to buy and give profoundly nutritious poultry sustain to your birds. It is a set and established business, so a wide range of vital offices resources needed are very much available and accessible.



Steps to take when starting a poultry farm business. 

Select Your Poultry Niche

First thing required of you when starting a poultry farming business in nigeria is to know what you want first, this is because Poultry industry is an extremely expansive business venture with a vert distinctive niches. The following are corners in the poultry business.

Meat creation: Basically Broilers rearing, this set of Chickens are raised for meat production and they are suitable for consumption within the range of 6 weeks to 8 weeks of age. Though broilers have many breeds also depending on how old they are before buying them.

Chicken rearing: Hatchery Cockerel It is very strong chicken and varies with its colors. It is mainly raised for hatching of eggs to smaller chicken. They are resilient and withstand many forms of bad weathers.

Egg creation: which involve rearing of layers bird, this set of chickens are mainly raised to produce eggs and they starts laying eggs at the age of 11 weeks and within some time they will start laying eggs regularly and frequently. 

Poultry feed production: This is very essential part of poultry farming in Nigeria as the feeds you give to your chicken will result to how fast and healthy they will grow, you can begin producing and selling these feeds to poultry farmer.

Other niche of poultry farming business include

Poultry gear, equipment and and manufacturing 

Egg and meat handling, bundling and advertising

Poultry farming and consultancy (business aspect)

This explains to you that poultry farming business has an exceptionally expansive branch which you can choose which part you want to focus on. Along these lines, you need to pick your range of specialization. Obviously, in the event that you have the cash and the specialized know how of the business you can do all, yet it is ideal to figure out which viewpoint is more beneficial in your general vicinity regarding interest and salary.

Location And Housing

This is one of the most crucial factors that needs to be considered when starting a poultry farm business, the extent of location rely on upon the type and quantity of birds you want to raise as well as the farming framework. It's generally advisable you find a location that is far away from major town or center of city this is to avoid any form of pollution and un-necessary disturbances that can negatively affect the birds.

There are basically three housing methods of raising poultry farm. 

Furnished Cage Method : It involves constructing wooden and mental cage for the chickens which will house them, this method can only house few chickens because with time when the birds start developing into stages more chicks will fill up the area, This method is often a good idea for entrepreneurs who want to start this business on a very small scale.

The deep litter system : It involves raising up the chicken in floor which is covered with some material while some prefers to use Saw dust. This method is also an ideal and common one, mostly used and widely accepted by start up poultry farmers, It  enables the chicken to exercise themselves and move around while they eat drink and lay eggs.

Battery Cage Method: This type of method is very common in Nigeria and other countries. It is more modernize, made of metal cages and arranged in rows. It allows the excretion to drop down easily and very easy in collecting the eggs of the chicken. Food is provided in front of the chickens while water is set above the food.

Capital Requirement 

This depends on what you want, your budget and business plan, but it's advisable to properly settle down and do your numbers well before concluding on what your estimated budget would be. A little scale poultry that is set up on a real estate parcel behind your home may require a capital of N70,000-N150,000 to begin with. 


Feeding is next to everything when talking about poultry farming, feeding determines a lot of things that happens to your birds like how fast and healthy they will grow. Feeds can be purchased or manufactured manually but as a beginner and small scale business man in the farming business, I recommend you purchase the feeds.  nutritious and regular feed will go along away on how the birds will grow properly.

Clean and natural Water are needed to be provided regularly as well, Some feeds are recommended for the early stage of the chicken while others are good for the growth and some better for layers to be able to lay more eggs and some are more nutritious that it fattens the broilers more. So you have to always ask the sellers and dealers of the feed about what you want and for what purpose you want it to serve.


On feeding:

  • Sustainable and Wellspring of water.

  • Poultry farm must be clean always to make it free from a wide range of creatures and predators.

  • Make profound liter clean frequently, the nourishing and
    watering gear in appropriate separation from one another.

  • Feeds should be given to birds regularly to enhance growth.

On Lacation and housing:

  • Location and housing must be all around ventilated.
  • Attempt and make the house north to south confronted.

  • On account of making various houses, the separation between one house to another house ought to be around 40 feet.

  • Before bringing the chick into the homestead, clean the house and the whole ranch range appropriately.

On Marketing And Selling:

  • Good administration

  • Legitimate transportation

  • Know your target market

  • Have a business plan
  • Have a marketing plan

  • Build a brand.


Starting a lucrative poultry business in Nigeria is a very lucrative thing to do considering the fact that Agriculture is a very booming sector in Nigeria and the federal government is supporting this farmers or business people with lots of incentives to motivate them to keep on doing their business. There are easier way now to acquire loan in the Agricultural Bank of Nigeria and there are many banks that are willing to support and finance the SMEs in Nigeria.

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Monday, 16 November 2015

How To Start Data Bundle Reseller Business And Make Money

How To Start Data bundle Reseller Business And Make Money

It's another business opportunity in Nigeria that anyone can explore, both young and old can can venture into this biz and make money for themselves to pay bills and get establish, this is possible because data Bundle share business has a big profit margin and a large market in nigeria due to the high cost of acquiring data plan in nigeria, this particular business if invested on can turn out to be a goldmile.

I'm extremely sure by now you more likely to have come across guys everywhere selling cheap internet data bundles, some so cheap half of the original price the network provider sell to you, probably you have seen them posts on websites and blogs online discussions forums and even on social media sharing this information so as to publicize their business for profit, the fact remains that Such smart individuals are profiting from this straightforward business at this time. This is majorly because of the urgent requirement for less expensive approaches to surf the web in nigeria. 


Data bundle Reseller Business also known as SME Data Resell business in simple term means buying data bundle in bulk from network provider such as mtn, glo, etisalat and airtel in nigeria and now reselling by sharing it to interested buyers in small quantity, piece by piece a good example is to buy 20GB data from MTN and resell at 250mb, 500mb, 700mb and 1GB to interested buyers around.


Data bundle Plan Share business is a very viable and lucrative business opportunity in a country like Nigeria considering the large number of the country population who surf the web regularly and the large amount of thousands of naira Nigerians spend on purchasing Data plan daily to surf the web, with this you can agree with me that the market for this business is a very large and a profitable one because it offers data plan to nigerians @ a very cheap and affordable rate thus making it easy to get more sales and appreciating profit.


The main aim of writing this post is to practically and properly teach you the simple methodologies to profit offering MTN, and etisalat Data Reseller Plan SHARE. 

The procedure is very easy and straightforward and has explained earlier, you buy Data plan cheap in high quantity from Network Provider in nigeria like MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL and resell at a very affordable but profitable price to nigerians. I want to teach how to start with mtn and etisalat in this post


Before you can begin reselling MTN Data Bundle you will need to first migrate to MTN SME PLUS TARIFF PLAN. To do that, sms 460 to 131 or simply dial *406# 
Next make sure you have load your phone with the equivalent amount of data package price you want to buy in bulk.

The plans available on MTN SME are 

  • N10,000 to buy 10GB
  • N18,000 to buy 20GB
  • N40,500 to buy 50GB
  • N52,500 to buy 75GB


  • SMS 465 TO 131 For10GB
  • SMS 466 TO 131 For 20GB
  • SMS 467 TO 131 For 50GB
  • SMS 468 TO 131 For 75GB

Alternatively, you can dial *461# on your phone and take after the brief. 

Confirm by checking your SME data share data balance. Text DATABALANCE to 131


Send SMESHARE to 131 below are the codes for different Data Bundle sizes

  • 1 ==== 250MB
  • 2 ==== 500MB
  • 3 ==== 750MB
  • 4 ==== 1GB

To check your remaining data
size, send Sharebalance to 131.


Etisalat is one among the major Service Provider in nigeria, this Network Provider has standout amongst the most stable gsm systems that this country has produced over the past yes. Their system is quick as far as surfing the web or downloading substantial documents on the web. Turning into an outsider affiliate of Etisalat Data Bundle is a cool approach to profit as this year rounds off.

There are two easy methods to start Etisalat data sharing plan. 


First get into the family plan package by 

  • Dialing  *200#
  • Press 3 to pick "DATA" Menu Option'
  • Proceed to 'Family Plans Option'
  • Select the 'opt in to Family Plans'
  • Confirm your choice.

Then Begin another procedure by dialing *200#
Proceed to 'Data Menu Option'
Choose 'Purchase Data Plan' to purchase your favored data plan 
Return to Data Menu and pick 'Family Plan Option' 
Go to the 'Offer Data Menu' 
Add beneficiaries and data


  • Dial *917#
  • Buy your preferred Data Plan
  • Share Data with your clients by dialing *229*9*PIN*DataVolume*PhoneNumber*3#

N10,000 FOR 10GB
N15,000 FOR 15GB
N18,000 FOE 20GB


Every business survival depends on the level of marketing and
awareness created about and around it product and services, so to really make it running this business you should do what I called "The necessary required" and money will be your friend in this festive period.

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

How To Start Children Pick Up Service Business In Nigeria

How to Start Children Pick Up Service Business in Nigeria

Here is another lucrative and profitable business you can start and earn substantial income on demand in nigeria, have you been in search for a easy and yet lucrative business to do in nigeria? If yes then children pick up service business is another business opportunity you should think of venturing into, this is so because this business opportunity offer you the chance to do what you are good at and yet making money.

If you think you are the type that's good with children, learning the simple technical know how of this particular business is not a bad idea and It will also be an advantage if you have a vehicle that you use to move around then let's plan the business well together so that you can share and have your own profit of this business market while running this lucrative business. 

    What This Business Idea entails

This business entails that You serve as a middle man between busy parents and free children that one to go to somewhere at one point or another, running a service of taking these children to their school and other places they need to go and pick them up when they are finished with their activities from school or any other place and take them home.

These days children have a lot of activities going on like going to school, taking extra lessons, sports activities, music lessons and lots more. These activities happen regularly and almost on a daily basis therefore meaning that the children will have a lot of places to go spending a lot of time.

As you may or maynot know most Parents and guardians don't have sufficient time and means to take their children to these activities, this  will bring you into the scene, all require of you is to help them take their children to these places and activities while you get paid for that service.


The interesting part of this business is that, the startup cost is not that much and with creativity and time, you can upgrade and grow the business to a bigger venture that don't only offer children pick up service alone but with goods and product pick up service as well. The bigger dream is this........

if you properly run the business well as expected you can save up some money or get an investor who believes very much in your business idea and have seen evidence of it excelling and start a rental service business where you will have some cars people can hire for their activities.

    The Business Idea In Summary

The business basically involves you using a vehicle to assist parents take their children to school or any other activity they need to attend and go back later to pick them up when they are done and have finished with their activities and bring them back home at the agreed time between you and the parents.

If you have interest in rendering these type of service then I'm sure money is no longer far away from you if only you will follow simple steps to attain success with this business, and if you are still unemployed still looking for a job and are yet to get one or maybe you have unfortunately lost your job and have some ideas of businesses you can start but due to not having enough money you are yet to start, this is a good business for you to try out and make some money as well as save some, you can use to get advance later on. 

    How Lucrative Is This Business?

This business is very much lucrative and profitable because of the availability of market as well as many other things like


You will agree with me that in Nigeria there are a lot of little children everywhere that needs to get somewhere always due to one activity or the other, included are teenagers as well as small children who need to get to school and other activities they are involved in and with many parents not able to take them and also due to safety concerns and issue which means they can not go on their own, parents will need to hire your services so you can drop and pick up their children.




Working Parents have to be at work to be able to make enough money to take care of the family in that case many parents are always too busy to take their children out and bring them back home

These days a lot of working parents hardly have the time to take their children to school and for their other activities and go back to pick them up when they are finished and done. We have in most families, the father and mother working making it difficult to include their children in their plans as they both have a busy schedule some parents are quick off to work in the morning and come back late at night which means they definitely have no time to help their children and will therefore need your services.



This type of issue makes the business more lucrative There are a lot of people with children but do not have a vehicle to take them out. We have families who own just a car with the father using it to work meaning the mother has to get a vehicle to take them to school which means they will need your services.





The first requirement in starting children pick up service is a good source of mobility, you will need to have a good vehicle which could be a car, bus or a tricycle
which is popularly known in Nigeria as “keke marwa”. What is to be noted is that your source of Mobility either a car, bus, or tricycle must be very okay, pleasing, comfortable and must be well secured, this will give parents and guardians more confidence to patronize you.


Normally it will take some level of trust to hand over my children to an unknown individual for such a close task, you will need to earn the trust of your prospects client as well as gain their credibility, this will only make the business more easier for you so try to work on that.



There will be a need for smooth and constant communication between you and the parents as well as the children in your care so as to make your company more friendly, enjoyable, save and more save, also incase there is a change in plan or time of pick up, this will help greatly.



Make sure to follow the procedures outlined in this article and take necessary steps and fast actions, Also remember to register your vehicle and obtain all necessary and relevant documents like driver’s license and vehicle license as well as insurance papers along with all other necessary documents.

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

How To Start A Business in Nigeria Without Money

You definitely heard me right, you can start A business right now Without money, in this article I will teach you how to start one from scratch without money, and of course It's quite possible but truth be told It's not that easy but the fact remains that It's very possible.

When most people think about starting a business usually what comes to their mind first is startup cost, a large office with lots of employees however a business can be something as small as a blog or a home based business in your living room or backyard, the most important issue is that you start.

Before now, everything about life seems complicating, the mentality of starting a business with a large amount of money rules the world, but in this internet age everything has change greatly, the internet and improved technology has change the way people think, do business and live. 

Among many of the companies that have spring out of the internet age is Facebook, this company change the way business is been done all over the world, these type of nternet company are good example of something coming out nothing and turning into big things.

    So How Do You Start A Business Without Money?

Find A Urgent Need: 

Your product or service most meet an un-notice need that is urgent, this should be one of your first capital, let that your idea be that which seem can never fail, using facebook as a case study you will notice that Facebook fill an un-usual urgent Need.

Because people needed to connect with each other Facebook was very successful as it allowed people to satisfy this unmet need, most successful business ideas come to people during their normal day when they find that they need something that the current businesses don't provide. Sometimes you will find unmet needs that require a large capital and that's quite normal but on the other hand you will come across ones that require very little money. "Filling a need gap" this is the first capital you need to start a business.



You can leverage in so many ways, you can use other people money to make your own money as well start your own business simply by doing the reseller task.

Get to meet people in need of a product or service relating to the one you want to venture into, convince prospects Client and customer to pay you while you go get them your product and services, when they pay, get the products and resell and keep the profit to finally establishe yourself later on. Try to see difficulties as instructing agent and not obstructing agent, this way you get to make profit out of every of your daily activities.

Borrow Out Your ideas:

In business Idea is next to everything, a good, solid and verify one can make you a lot of money if invested on, when there's no money to invest on the idea borrow the idea out, that's what we call rendering services there are a lot of companies and individuals out there that will pay you awesomely for your good ideas and the interesting part of it is that, all idea generated by you, no matter who might be buying or using them, weather sold out or not,  you still remain the prime owner of the ideas because nobody else can view your ideas from same angle as you and nobody else can understand your ideas  perfectly as you.

Utilize low-cost services.

The internet is one good low cost service you can utilize easily to get so many works done about your business. 

You can start out with a blog for your business where detailed posts about you and your product and services are been published constantly, this will at first give you targeted customer as well some little money if you go ahead to monetize the blog in any way you want,   it's a win-win game with a internet platform you can as well quickly build a brand and a business that will stand the test of time. Utilize websites like Facebook to promote your business, fiverr to sell your services and make some good money  and a blog to around everything up.

Starting a business requires ingenuity and a passion for what you are doing. Once you find yourself doing something you enjoy, you will be more likely to find ways to make it all come together.

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Free Guide: How to Make money online In Nigeria As A Student

Free Guide: How to Make money online In Nigeria as a Student.

It's a very easy process provided you are with the right information and not some junk gotten somewhere. Students and anyone else who are really ready to make money online in nigeria can make it with the right information, knowledge and determination.

 As it is now "How to make money online in nigeria" is a popular search keywords thousands of Nigeria student uses daily to search the internet, but the truth is this a large number of Nigeria students continue to do this searches almost daily without making money online yet, many during this search process get into fraudster hands and get scammed,large percent buy info products upon info product most of which are crap and junk, yet there's nothing to show for it, a larger percent  problems is nothing but their quick urge to make money online without wanting to know the require and necessary process.

But whatever it is, in this detailed and helpful article you will get to know some easy process that can help you make money online as a student legitimately In nigeria without getting your finger burnt.

    But Before Then Listen To These Facts:

To make money online as I have said earlier Is a easy process that needs to be followed accordingly,  provided you can give it what It's takes its then you can get what you want.

So first what does it takes to make money online in nigeria as a student.

#1 Determination.

If you lack the will you already lack the way, if you are not determined you will jumb in and jumb out easily, to be frank with you to make money online is not a child's play, It's a process that demand to be followed diligently with a determined heart of not retreating even if you are not making the money soon, that decision will help you make that money at last.

#2. Action

The reason why many nigeria students are yet to make a dime online is because most lack the power to take the necessary steps at the right time to achieve their will, many consume lot of information but won't take any action after reading them.

Listens there's no way you will make money online if you don't take immediate actions on what you know and have learn, practice they say makes perfect but in internet marketing It's practice that makes you the money. No matter the amount of knowledge you have acquired about making money online if you refuse to practice what you have learn you will remain without making a dime online.

#3. Patience

I won't forget to mention this because if I do it can be harmful, many nigeria students just want to make it overnight, many can't wait to make their first millions online before this month ends, telling such people the truth that It's not possible at least not as newbie they get to hate you, inshort having this mindset of making it overnight will do nothing but limit you more from making money online.

Now you know these 3 fact I hope you will work on them,the question now is how do you make money online in nigeria as a student. Quickly in this article I will discuss 3 easy and effective ways you can do that.

#1. Freelancing.

To make money with this type of online business is not rocket science as many people will say it is, infact it easy, what it requires is a little knowledge accompany with patience which many newbies hate to hear.

Freelancing per my own definition is an act of rendering specific service online where you get paid per work well done. You are self employed as a freelancer nobody controls you, but you gat to have some people that will always work up to you to hire you help them get some work done, you get paid after you completed the task.

To make money online is only possible in three major ways, it either you are rendering service, selling a product or gambling it either of the three, though there are hundreds of thousands methods to make money online but the truth is they all boils down to these 3 ways.

    What services can you render online and make money?

Article Writing Service

The internet is made up of content, frankly speaking if content is remove from the internet it may remain nothing but a empty space, also knowing fully well that these contents are writen by people like me and you, on a daily basis the need for article to feel a web space is urgently needed. The demand for article writing service will only get low or flop if the internet cease to exist so it is a market to profit from till Anytime you feel like retiring.

To help you kick start easily these are some of the websites that will pay you awesomely to write article online, if you think you have some good writing skills you can explore this and  make some good money online as a student in nigeria.
    Their process for accepting article is quite fast and easier for writers, they pay 15$ per one accepted article and you can write fewer words of article.
    This websites accepts articles with bullet points with at least 1,500 words and they pay $50 for each accepted article.
    An online market place where almost any type or skill and service can be render, writing is not left out, you get paid $5 for every completed article, amount of word count depends on the writer. You earn more with custom order.
    You can write on any topic and it must be at least 1,500 words with bullet points f more than 11 points.They pay $100 for each accepted article.

Graphic Design: 

Graphic design is another online freelance job that's much profitable, Just as content make up the internet, graphic brings it beauty out, without graphics the internet has no shape and less attractive to human, so you can feel the market space as well.

If you can take few time to learn graphic design or already have little knowledge about it, be ready to cash in as soon as possible because this is hot niche that as high demand than supply.

Here are list of websites to start your graphic design with.

There are a plethora of online platforms designed to match qualified freelancers with potential clients. Although many designers may shudder at the thought of competing with other designers charging as low as $3 per hour, with the right pitch and impressive portfolio, there are plenty of designers on these platforms charging $150+ per hour.

2. Blogging.

Vast majority of nigeria students are currently into this model of online business but only fee are really making that money they hope for, though blogging is very profitable but It demand, patience, hardwork, persistences, discipline and focus.

It the only online business Model that offer you the opportunity to make money in so many ways.
What does it take to make money blogging in nigeria.

    First define your purpose, know the reason why you want to
    blog and focus on that purpose.

    Decide the niche you want to Blog about, don't just blog
    about anything, specification is key.

    Make sure you have passion and little knowledge about your
    chosen Niche.

    Endure and keep blogging Be passionate Persevere and everything will be great soon.

How to make money blogging. There are many ways you can monetize your blog in nigeria most are discuss below.


This is the most common and interesting way of monetizing your blog, you place adverts in your blog and get paid per click or Rpm of the links and image ads in your blog. To apply for adsense you have to own a google account and a blog that match adsense policy to get approval and once you are approved then you are good to go. Most new websites are denied approval if you don’t meet up with their criteria for approving a blog. In this type of platform, you are the middle man as company pays to google while google pays to you.

Affiliate Marketing.

You register with some affiliate network program, then you promote and recommend their products and services when there's a purchase through your affiliate link you get paid commission.


Sponsored Post:

People want to advertise their business everywhere, so they seek your help to publish a promoting post about their business, product and services on your blog, you get paid for that.

Selling Ads Space.

This involves you reaching out to potential client or they contacting you to place some direct advert on your blog to promote their business while you get paid.

There are many other ways you can make money through your blog that I haven't mention in this post they include,
Rendering of service, creating and selling a product, donation, membership site, etc.

3. Information Marketing.

A very common and profitable method of making money online as a student in nigeria. As you may or maynot know, in this 21st century Infomation is everything, It's power, It's key, It's money, It's life, people will pay you to get information just about anything they are convinced about that pose to help them greatly. One of the reasons 90% of people surfing the internet today do it to get one information or the other, when this information is well packaged and marketed you tends to make a lot of money online.

    The Way To Go About Selling Information Product.

    Find a problem that needs urgent solution.

    Find a hungry market that needs the solution to the founded problem, this is because there maybe a problem but no market for it.

    Create a product or hire someone to do that for you, better still you can buy quality ones than comes with resell right that handover to you the right to sell the product and keep the profit.

    Market your product either ebook in PDF format, audio, video or software and make money.

    Some tools you need to make money doing information
    Marketing biz.

    Email list, using an autoresponder like aweber or getresponse to create one.

    Sequence page to take prospects customer information like phone number, name and email address.

    Sales page, this is your online store where you tell your prospects customer what your product is all about and how it tends to help them.

    Advertise your product online and make money.


Making money online is not magic neither rocket science, it's a process that needs to be followed properly to make money. Like I said earlier, you need to take actions On every information you come across, be determined and lastly patience pays.

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

7 Bitter Truth No One Ever Told You About Online Business

    "How to make money online easily"

    "Fastest and easiest way to make money online"

    "How to make money online with zero investment"

    "How to make millions online at once easily"

    "How to quickly make money online daily"

    "How to make N250,000 monthly online"

These are the keywords, an average nigeria who want to make
money online searches for on the internet almost daily and probably
they get to land on sales pages which have something similar
to these content below.

 Maybe you have come across many of them like these

    "Revealed here's how I'm making 100,000+ online monthly"

    "How to make money online on autopilot"

    "Screenshot how I make millions online monthly doing
    30minutes work twice in a week"

    "It's very easy that even my 6 years old kid is doing it and
    making money"

    "You can make money online even in your sleep"

    "Any body can do it, you don't have to be an internet guru"

Few of these claims are true while many of them (majority)
are nothing but pretty crap, this is what happens, majority
of these guys will only make money whenever they succeeded in
selling you crap they called ebooks, yea selling crap with
sweet mouth actually generate more money than any other thing
else, what the gurus do is to leverage on your ignorance and
curiosity to make themself money online.

Many people will go against what I'm saying in this post but
believe me It's nothing but the truth and this is the fact,
the real and genuine gospel and thats why in this helpful
post you will get to know about these 7

Bitter Truth About Online Business That Only Few Gurus Will
Tell You About.

1. Zero Investment Is False.

This is one claim I have always stand to disagree with, no
business on this planet earth is zero investment, It's either
you are investing your money, time or resources you just have
to invest something, in most cases in the absence of money
investment, time investment is demanded and this type of
investment is more hard to get and put down in most cases,
because time is money, only few gurus would tell you this
truth, I don't really know why they keep the truth far away,
maybe because they are ignorant of it or because they want to
sell more of their product and make more money, that I don't
really know.

what they say instead is that you get to spend
30 minutes twice a week to monitor the biz they want to
introduce you to. 

You ask them how many hours they spend online daily? Most of
us use our night time like day time, the time spent online to
set up their sales pages, email campaign and other advert
methods they use in getting traffic, It's not 30minutes or
1hour in a week. face the truth.

2. Autopilot Is Not For Newbies.

Another popular claim the gurus use in luring newbies to buy
their products is that they get to make money online on
autopilot, even in their sleep when the newbie have not even
get to know yet the type of online business he's getting into
talk much of making it while sleeping.

Of a truth making money on autopilot is quite possible and
even exist, I testify to that but at least not for someone
who hasn't yet know what the business he his venturing into
implies talk much of automating it, learn and practice first
before thinking of automating and making money in your dream,
it might never happens so  get to acknowledge this fact
as well.

3. Determination and smart work is key.

As once a newbie, I know how many newbies will feel when
they come across these types of claim and promises by the
gurus, I was once a newbies I know what the feelings looks
like, you begin to have this nice and amazing feelings of
banking millions of Naira monthly you will be lost in this
claim and big dreams some  to the extent of doing
nothing but just expecting to read a ebook and immediately
after reading the money begins to role in.

It's can really be tempting but here this truth either
online or offline business, the law of succeeding in business
never change, smart work, determination, and dedication is
needed, success is never accidental It's works with your
preparation and action. You need this mindset to make money
online and not that of making millions monthly pressing few
buttons online.

4. Focus is key.


Following One Course Until Success is key, jumping from one
online Business to another or buying every new ebook out
there will only make you more confused at the end without
achieving nothing, inshort that's the easiest way not to make
money I mean not even a dime online. Having and maintaining a focused
mind, at least for the starting level will help you a lot and
streamline your success. 

That's the secret sauce to making it online, as a starter
master a course until you are successful in it, maybe after
you have make your first 100 thousands Naira online then you
can begin to think of diversify to other stream of income.

5. Overnight Success Is False.

probably You've come across adverts like, "start making thousands of
dollars within 24 hours", or "fill up your bank account at
the click of a button." Yes, I'm sure you've come across
them. But do you need someone to tell you that they're
nothing but blatant lies and scams? 

You just need to be Frank with yourself and dumb that idea of
making millions overnight because it might never be possible
except maybe you want to indulge in some online fee fraud,
It's very risky trying to make money online over night you
can easily lose large amount of money when you try to gamble which will result in
you not having confidence in online Business again, you'll
start thinking every online Business is false, not knowing
that every internet business has it procedures that needed to
be followed to make money with such.

If you try to ignore these processes because you want to make
it big overnight you might later get your finger burnt. And
of course It's very possible to make money quick online but
you will have to first invest something like money, time and
energy but obviously and certainly not overnight.

6. Start And Fail Is Ok.

Start and fail is ok because online Business involves lot of
trial and error, see every error or failure as an opportunity
to start or try again more intelligently thus increasing your
rate of success speedily.

The truth is this, "Not all proven techniques will work for
you" at first you just have to test to know which one will
and will not and in most cases carrying out this experiment
may cost you money and time but I tell you It's ok that way
because they are not just lost, the experience and knowledge
remains there almost forever and that's what makes you a guru and
successful internet marketer.

7. Starting Is Key.


Starting can be the most difficult thing or aspect of making
money online but It's the secret sauce, once you start there
are few things that can limit you, reading and learning
always without taking time to practice what you are learning
is complete failure, to some people what they only need to
succeed and make money online is the courage to start, you
just have to start and do something.

Stop waiting for the perfect time to come, it may never come,
because there is not such as perfect time, what's in your
hand can make you start, if you don't start, there's

no way you will make money online.


As a saying goes "The truth is bitter" not only bitter in
most cases it not encouraging like this one, my aim by
revealing this truth is not to scare you away from making
money online but to let you know what you are actually going
into because if I had know at the beginning when I was a
newbie I won't waste much time on strategy that are outdated
and I will be more determined knowing the truths. 

After knowing these truth, Your ability to continue and get
serious with whatever online business you choose to venture
into is what makes you a success.

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Monday, 12 October 2015

5 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Start With Less Than Zero Capital In Nigeria

One of the common problems virtually anyone starting a
business in nigeria will face is that of startup cost, this
challenge alone has murdered many great business idea and
rendered a lot of creative and willing mind powerless but
nevertheless with a strong determination, a strong will and a
stubborn spirit to succeed, you can still do something with
whatever you have, I mean the little in your hand and grow as
time pass by. It's not really about what you start with It's
about what you making with that you start with, and that's
why in this post, you will get to know about 5 easy business
idea you can start with less than zero Capital in nigeria.

Without talking much     Below are some of the most
profitable small businesses to start in Nigeria which any
prospective investor can start with less than zero Naira and
make substantial profit in it. You can also run some of them
alongside your current employment.

1.Office Supply Service

This is not a business for everyone but if you need to start
something up virtually out of nothing this can be a nice
idea, the concept is this, you have a lot of time but little
or zero money, while some people have lot of money but little
or zero time, give them your time and take their money, there
are busy people everywhere in nigeria working full time,
these club of people needed to go get/ buy certain things in
the markets like Wrist Watches, Shirts, Ties, and Perfumes
and even food stuff, as a creative and business minded
individual this is a space that needs to be filled, take
this opportunity and approach this type of people offer to
help them do the shopping and charge little amount of money.

When doing the charging you don't have to be greedy, you just
have to make them feel you are doing much for less, building
a good relationship accompany with integrity in this type of
business can speed up your success rate and open more
opportunities to become a mojor supplying agent, that
supplies in bulk to individuals and companies.

2. Consultancy Business.

Do you think you are knowledgeable in one particular field
and probably most people trying to do something in that same
niche don't know much about how to go about it?  Do you
think also you know how to advice and direct people to make
right decisions? If yes then, you will be amazed that there
are some good numbers of nigerians who are willing to pay you
some cash of money to teach, advice and direct them for a
particular course or decision that need urgent attention.

The beauty of this business is that It's not limited only to one
field or niche, you can start this business in career,
business, education, relationship and many other niche. You can
be the go-to-guy whenever there's a problem in such field you
have chosen to be a consultant in, you can as well start this
business with zero Capital using free online platform to
lecture your clients provided the knowledge is there.

3. Sell fairly Used materials.


Fairly used materials like Cloth, shoes, bags, books, E.T.C. These materials are necessity in nigeria, and any other place in the
world, do you have fairly used clothes, shoes, bags or books, or know someone that
have many of them at home or can purchase few to start with?
There's a huge market for this business in nigeria
considering the fact that these materials in nigeria and anywhere in
the world are part of people's completeness and due to
insufficient availability of money many people can't afford
new expensive clothes, shoes bags and book, that cost much in the market, they
prefer to buy the fairly used ones which can still keep them
up to date, covered and fashionable, selling fairly used materials at more
cheap rate, and good quality can make you some good money,
even when you don't have more startup cost, It's a business
idea you can check in.

4. Internet Business.

The internet offer the world a lot of opportunity to be
explore one of many of them is the possibility of making
money online while doing some easy tasks, like selling and
recommending some products or rendering helpful services
online, and unlike the offline business deal you don't
actually need more big investment plan to start an online
business, all you need is to acquire the needed knowledge,
practice what your learn, invest the little you have and then

There are many but different internet Business model you can
start in nigeria that require low or no start up capital, this internet
Businesses ranges from information marketing, affiliate
marketing, freelancing, forex and many of them,  these
internet businesses have a lot of profit margin and high
return on investment. The secret here is to learn one of
these businesses, master and practice it well, then invest
the little your time and energy and make some cool money.

5. Tutorial Service.

This biz is very valued and still valid in nigeria because of the importance of education on our society, many students want to learn more
about their studies they are in need of a close teacher that can help them understand things faster but they don't want to get to school because of one reason or the other, parents are looking
everywhere for the best place to take their children to get extra
quality teachings aside going to the normal school.

Once you are sure of
your knowledge and you think you have the teaching skill the
next step is packaging yourself and getting focused, choose a
subject you are sure of and start something, the beauty of
this idea is that you get to influence the life of your
students as well help make big dreams turn reality.

Yea, hopefully I have really helped you with the list, but listen to this fact no business on earth is zero investment, It's either you are investing your time or money whichever way you still investing, so with this information at your finger tip, take action now and do something that will benefit you and your generation Good luck.

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

5 Alternatives To Employment In Nigeria

As the country situation seems not  favourable to young
graduate, the country economic atmosphere is like very
conditional for employment, more often many young Nigeria
graduate can't really find a good job that they love, or many
do not like the enslaving routine of a 9 to 5 regular job,
here in this post you will be introduce to 5 easy
alternatives in nigeria To a world class job/employment.

Before then listen to this facts.

Been employed can be enslaving and It becomes a mind
numbing routine where your life is controlled and in
submission, while your mind is indoctrinated to "live for the
company" you work for rather than for your heart. The result of this is that your life and mind are stripped of freedom and you live an inauthentic life, like a robot or automaton. You are supposed to love to work and love your job of course, but not everyone is fortunate enough to do something they love. Many have to work solely to pay their bills, and their heart is not in it. It's also very unfortunate many young nigeria youths are still on the
street waiting and searching for their dream job, many even
forgot the fact that most companies they seek job from are
private ventures owned by an individual like them, but the
graduate mentality has kept many still wondering about what
to do with their lifes after school.

Like to every problem there always seem an alternatives, and to this is not an exception, in
that case here in nigeria let's look at some alternative
options and choices to consider:

1.Acquire a skill

Sound Common but It's a very good unfailing alternative to working
9-6 jobs daily, when it comes to skill acquisition creativity is the other of the day, an
acquired skill, with a creative mind is employment on its
own, waiting for the government or even blaming the
government for your empty pocket isn't going to help you anyway or bring you a kobo,
but learning a skill, making it looks like what your life
depends on diverting the energy in search of a job to that
can be very rewarding.

You feel more great, fulfilling and
achieving when you see yourself succeeding without
particularly been controlled and directed by somebody
naming his/herself your boss, I have read and come across
so many people in nigeria both young and old who has make a
fortune for themselves through a particular skill they
invested their time to learn, and the fact is this, any
skill you choose to acquire and work on in Nigeria can be
very profitable provided your are ready to work creatively,
invest your time and energy and also making it looks like
what's more important in your life just as a job hunt is.

There are many successful hand work (as nigerians will call it) owner in nigeria, majority of these people are not even educated, yet many of them created a future for themselves through their various hand work they choose to venture into, talk more of a graduate who went to school and acquired more customized knowledge think of what you can do with a skill, how far you can go and succeed, a strong will is needed here to make it with a skill especially In a country like ours where everything seems upside down.

2. Self Employment.

At a very early age of my life I was opportune to be
exposed to the world of self employment, the entrepreneurs
spirit possess me greatly because of my exposure to the
it's world, why not consider working for yourself doing what you love and still building a life and career, It's an option to consider though certainly not everyone can take this route but the few that can I'm sure it will work fine for them and turn out great, there's a saying "think big start small" yea that's just the ideal thing.

Think of investing in a small scale business in your niche, acquire the sufficient knowledge to start and keep it going, let your mind set be that of someone ready for greatness, believing you can make it in whatever venture you want to invest in. There are few things in this world that can compete with the experience of been a boss of your own, having nobody to disturb your peace and adopting the lifestyle you want, of a truth It's fulfilling but you just have to take the bold step of starting and that's the most difficult and important thing.

3.Marry A Rich Partner

This is definitely not an option for everyone, but some people will want to consider this as well looking at how easy it pose to be, but honestly the side effect are much but when you know what you are doing it may just work for you well, expert who had tried this always have a story to tell, so try read them up to know what and what it actually entails to do this and be successful, but for me I have less to say.

4. Travel Out

Considering living oversees in countries where there is low cost of living and your ideas can easily get a buyer, the clue is this, there are many countries outside nigeria where cost of living is quite low, this gives you more freedom and good life, when your money is worth more bigger than what it use to be here in nigeria, this idea might look odd to many but I can tell you that expert are doing this currently and caving a way for themselves, there are over 200 countries in the world reason it there will be more many of them that can save you a breathe and things might just work fine.

What this actually means is that you can work less, live on less money, or live on self-employment more easily, than you can in nigeria, English teaching jobs are also always available in most countries. If you can't or don't want to live overseas, you can consider relocating to other states in nigeria where cost of living is lower, sell your less used or valuable properties and live somewhere you feel good about, you can do a combination of the above options too. Whatever you do, remember that the most important thing is to be true to yourself and live authentically. And always keep in mind that "where there's a will there's a way



5. Change Your Lifestyle

You can adopt a more minimalist lifestyle focused more on spirituality, interpersonal relationships, frugality and richness of experiences, rather than on materialism and status. The Idea is this stop spending below your means, buying things too luxurious that you don't even need, focus more on improving yourself to be the better person you want to be.

As an unemployed youths there's always an urge to make yourself feel good about who you are, or try a bit to show off, or even feel your emptiness but certainly doing that can cost you a lot why not try do that by getting wholesome things that enrich your soul and spirit, reposition your mind for the ultimate.

The question now should be what's the richness of your experience? rather than material acquisition and career status. In this way, life becomes more conscious, meaningful and authentic. The happiest people learn how to do this.Remember a goood Lifestyle is what make great people, the world is turning to a global village, where the price of information is next to nothing why not take advantage of that to build a long lasting and fulfilling career through a lifestyle that makes you who you want to be?

Hopefully I have spoken well, the greater work lays in your hand, as this saying goes "your destiny is your hand

Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

5 Reasons Why You Need A Blog To Make Money Online In Nigeria

I have met and read about many internet marketers in nigeria
and beyond that have make a fortune online without having to
go into blogging business, but more of most successful
internet marketers I know personally doing really well and making it big in the
industry operates a personal or business blog at one point or the other.

The fact is this "Blogging is an online business model, that
doesn't seem to be failing since It's existence if you play your game well and play by
the rule" it's exposes you to more opportunities than any
other online biz will do, it fast forward your success and
give you a solid platform to make wealth over a long period
of time.

Thinking of adding another source of income to your list
blogging is another good option to think about and that's why in this post I will
highlight five solid reasons why you need a blog to make
money online in nigeria.

Once again you can make money online in nigeria without a blog but having a blog just put more money on your table

1. Unlimited Sources Of Income

Blogging I think is the only online business model that gives
you more than enough sources of income opportunity, what ever
niche or topic you choose to blog about, there will always be
more than one way to monetize your blog and make more money.
Thinking of venturing into information marketing, affiliate
marketing, freelancing and others? A blog still remain the
best platform to convince your client and customer that your
product and services is the best they can ever get, it tends to prove to your
client and customer on your behalf that you are the go to

When you try information marketing your blog can stand in
place of sales page that convert more well than a static
strange one, when you think of affiliate marketing also your
blog stands as the best platform for reviewing products and
services your are promoting, as well as freelancing, your
best portfolio will always be your blog.  So having a blog is always to your advantage.

2. Long Term Profit.

With a blog you can earn on autopilot as well as long term
profit, through various ways you have chosen to monetize your
blog ranging from Sponsored post, information marketing,
affiliate marketing rendering of services, private adverts
and ads companies like adsense,, E.t.c. your
earnings can be unstoppable at least not so soon, whatever
way you have choosen to monetize your blog it can be long
lasting as far as your blog still exist and visible to the
necessary people, very unlike
some internet biz where only a chance is what is needed of you to make money online and after that single chance you have to go restart the whole same process again.

3. Easy To Build Trust And Credibility

This two tiny words "Trust and Credibility" are the secret
sauce to online business success, nothing sells your product
and services more faster like trust and Credibility will do,
It's works like magic, and the best and easiest way to go
about building both is to have a blog where you share your
knowledge and expertise with sincerity where by your audience believes so much in you as
they believes more well in what you have to offer, your product and services, that make selling
online easy and fun and that's What a blog can offer you in
matter of little time.

If you are an information marketers writing helpful, valuable
and quality content on your blog will amplify your selling
rate and success can soon become your nickname so as it
applies to other online biz.

4. Retained And Repeat Customers.

With a blog you stand a chance to retain visitors that visit
your blog through email opt in or any other easy means, these
visitors are what later turns into customers and not only
that but repeated customers that keeps patronizing you anytime any day, because greater percentage of your visitors
will always want to Come back to read your updated and
valuable informations, a blog give you this amazing chance,
you get to make more money when there are repeated customers
who believes so much well in your products and services.

Just as a salesman needs a showroom so does a an internet
marketer needs a blog, Remembering that the more visitors
your blogs attract the more customers you get and the more
customers you get result into more money and bank alert


5. Branding.


Those specific things that makes you and your business unique and exceptional, it
make it very easy for your customer to identify you no matter
where and whatever way you showing up, weather It's a personal blog or a
business one, building a brand is an awesome idea that gives
you a business that everyone is talking about and want to
associate with. With a blog the foundation of this can easily
be laid and built on, starting from your blog URL, to logo,
description, template/theme, style of writing and others
amist many you can create a successful business with a
appealing brand that sells more of your products and
services. understanding Branding is making longterm profit effortlessly, and that's what a blog can offer you.

Bottom Line.

Making money online without a blog is very possible and with
a blog is more easy and profitable, if you are already operating a
online business or just thinking of starting one, I'm using
this platform to tell you that a blog will help you make more
money, build more credibility and trust, long lasting Profit,
retained and repeat customers then a good brand.

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